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FootyPunts offers free UK and European football betting tips, picks and analysis.  Get your online betting advice before you bet.

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Updated: May 2018
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Who were the Footy Punters? A half dozen football fans who offered free tips for five years.

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Impartial and up-to-date reviews on the best UK and European Online Poker sites. Who offers the safest site with the best player experience and the biggest bonuses?

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our latest bookmaker & sportsbook reviews including summaries of each bookmaker's join bonuses.

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Are you betting at a safe Online Casino? Have you taken advantage of the chip bonuses available? What's the difference between all the Gaming sites?

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Read the latest reviews of over a dozen top class online bookmakers with ratings and overall rankings and recommendations.

Are there better bookies to be betting with for football punts? Who consistently offers the best odds? Where can I place Asian Handicaps?

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Get your daily dose of FREE betting advice from the football betting guide.

Take advantage of FREE tips from a range of professional punters and some enthusiastic amateurs on site at

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Welcome to FootyPUNTS!

This WAS a website run by football fans FOR football fabns who like a punt.

After SIX years the group has closed, and moved on to other things.

I suggest you check out It is a top ranking free football advice site with over 120 million pages read to date.

Most of the links here will now point to GoonersGuide.

If you have any questions, feedback or idas about this site - please email us
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Here are some of our favourite sites for FREE advice, news, views and other football and gambling related stuff.

A high-content site offering plenty of FREE football betting and online gaming tips and analysis.

One of the first sites on the net for online football punting. A great site and well worth a look!

A top site that uses a global panel of reviewers to find the best sportsbooks and bookmakers.

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